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For military personnel, families and community to enhance skills in self care through integrative mindfulness leading to improved physical performance, health and quality of life. milmindbody has aided in the operationalization of yoga in the military. Our efforts on bringing tactical mobility, mindfulness and yoga to the US Army to aid resilience, recovery and stress management continue through our partnership with Strong Brands and unit requests.

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milmindbody began in 2019 as a holistic based program to address resilience and risk factors in military communities. Through a partnership between MelMarie Yoga and the USO, milmindbody became the first yoga studio to open on a military base at Fort Sam Houston. The milmindbody yoga studio has evolved into a full building on Fort Sam Houston managed through the DOD called The Vogel Meditation Center. Though we no longer run the studio, we encourage all to utilize the resources at the Meditation Center as they offer yoga classes, resources, and mindfulness to personnel and family. Currently, we offer accessible mind-body services, programs and trainings online milmindbody continues to support the Army's H2F initiatives, military spouse care, and more. 

Our programs equip the military community through learning how to participate in self-care, mindfulness, and stress management modalities to improve equanimity, human performance, self regulation and mental clarity.

See inside our work with the Military in this episode from the Live Like You Practice Docuseries exploring ways yoga and mindfulness are optimizing human performance, stress reduction and more. 

Yoga Foundations Course
In 2018, a partnership between the USO and MelMarie Yoga began to serve, educate and support our military families and community. The Foundations Course is a 50 Hour FREE Course that offers self care and stress management resources through the lens of mindfulness and yoga teachings. Cozy up into self care, movement and stress management. Get access below.
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