Providing complimentary resources families and personnel can access from home for the sustainability of mental, physical, spiritual, and sleep hygiene. Our resources are provided to support a holistic model of readiness that optimizes whole health and flourishing. 

These online practices and educational tools are not intended to replace conventional medical advice. By participating in any online class, you understand there is an inherent risk in participating in physical activity. You understand and agree to take responsibility for your health and choices consulting with your medical provider for any medical advice. 

Mindfulness for Military Spouses Video

Beginner Yoga practice for pain management. 

Enjoy a beginner yoga class that integrates the theme of grace, grounding and opening to help manage stress, anxiety and fear. Let go and let grace- one breath at a time. This class is invitational and offers several modifications.

Beginner flow for cultivating presence, center and energy. 

15 Minute Self Care Flow for joint mobility, revitalization, and presence. 

Playful vinyasa flow practice to energize and open for the day with gems of relaxation throughout. Fine tune awareness, optimize autonomy and learn what it means to flow on the mat and off. 


Intro video on how to get started with meditation and guided meditations. 

Enjoy this Yoga Nidra practice to listen and relax with. If you fall asleep, do not worry. Find a relaxing position and give yourself permission to restore. 


Get connected with your breath through learning 3 part breathing practices to help develop healthy breathing patterns, relaxation and self regulation. 

Learn how to practice Alternate Nostril Breathing for relaxing the nervous system and mental congestion. This practice balances right and left brain while enhancing self regulation and sleep hygiene. 

Learn how to practice this relaxing breath to encourage down regulation for the nervous system, pain management, and mental clarity. 

Disclaimer** By participating in any online class or pre-recorded class/practice/workshop, you are agree to take responsibility for your health and body by making choices that honor and nourish you. Do not do anything that does not feel good for you. By participating in these resources, you agree to release any representative, partner or teacher from liability of your choices. You also, understand that these practices are not to replace medical interventions or take the place of working with a medical professional when needed. If you are need specific support or resource for your at home self care email Mind Body Therapist, Melissa at

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