Unit Requests

milmindbody offers complimentary classes to units who are looking to integrate mental, emotional, physical and spiritual hygiene for their soldiers and community. Providing mindfulness based experiences increase soldier resilience, regulation and optimal health optimizing readiness and the mission of the military. By addressing more comprehensive domains, soldiers are able to achieve states of whole health which impact family wellbeing, mission achievement and operational excellence. 

milmindbody offers: 

H2F Yoga Classes that can focus on restoration, resilience, physical wellbeing and pain management.

Mindfulness classes includes gentle movement with tools that aid in enhancing concentration, focus and self regulation. 

Meditation and Stress Reduction classes that empower soldiers with mental resilience, conscious control of relaxation and an empowered sense of being. 

Education is a priority of ours to help equip personnel in sustainability so the tools they learn can be applied in their personal lives and when they need to regulate, relax and focus. 

Unit Requests include:


Morale Events


Integrative Programming

and more.


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